Our aim at Partnership Financial is to give you financial peace of mind. While that may sound like a marketing cliché it is nonetheless true: getting your financial life organized just feels good. You rest easy because you understand where your money is going and why it is going there. Plus you have professional help when the unexpected arises or when you simply have a question.

You don’t have a choice about paying taxes but there is no reason to pay more than you should. The Government Accountability Office estimates that Americans overpay almost one billion dollars in taxes each year. How much of that money is yours? We specialize in personal income tax preparation and planning. We identify tax-saving strategies specific to your situation. We work with you throughout the year, not only when it is time to prepare your return.

Do you want to reduce your tax burden?

You might save by

  • Restructuring your investments to produce a higher after-tax return
  • Saving for college in a tax-efficient manner
  • Claiming home office deductions
  • Maximizing retirement contributions

There are hundreds of decisions needed to build a solid investment portfolio: a portfolio that will benefit from market upswings and weather downturns.

  • Should you buy stocks, mutual funds, gold or just leave your money in the bank?
  • What are the cost and tax implications of your decision?
  • Which investments are better in a retirement account than in a taxable account?
  • When should you buy (or sell)?
  • Can you believe what you see on TV or read in magazines?

Given this complexity many people want professional advice. But who can give you unbiased recommendations?Can you rely on advice from someone paid to sell their company’s products?

In a well-constructed portfolio each investment should fulfill a specific function and be right for your personal situation. As fee-only advisors we provide the objective, unbiased recommendations you need to make informed decisions. At Partnership Financial, we

  • Thoroughly discuss your goals before making any recommendations
  • Look at the financial risks you are already taking before determining your appropriate level of investment risk
  • Review all your accounts to determine an appropriate asset allocation and asset location (which investments should be in which accounts)
  • Recommend the real estate exposure you need to achieve long-term financial stability
  • Integrate tax planning with your investment strategy to produce a higher after-tax return

Estate planning is more than making a will. It involves deciding who will be a guardian for minor children or making provisions for special needs situations. In addition, estate planning involves medical directive and other end-of-life considerations, bequests to charities and strategies to minimize estate and gift taxes.

We are not attorneys and cannot write a will for you. But we can discuss matters with you so that when you do consult an attorney you have already considered many important issues. We will

  • Discuss pertinent estate issues and how they will affect your beneficiaries
  • Monitor beneficiary designations for your accounts and retirement plans
  • Monitor the executor/trustee/guardian choices with current legislation in mind
  • Enable you to make informed choices that can be implemented with your attorney.

Planning for your retirement goes far beyond your investment portfolio. You need to plan how you would like to live when you stop working. Then you must calculate if you can actually affort to live that way. The sooner you start this process the easier it is to match your lifestyle with your budget.

Goal Setting

A good financial plan will get you to where you want to go but that begs the question of where do you want to go? We encourage in-depth conversations about what retirement looks like to you, what kind of schooling do you want for your children or grandchildren and any other important life goals.

Cash Management

Do you know where you money goes each month? We can help you find out and then reroute cash to go where you want it to go.

Insurance: Are you confident that you have the right amount and the right kind of insurance on your life, home and automobiles? We don’t sell insurance but we are there to help evaluate your needs.

Real Estate

Your home is probably your single largest investment and your mortgage your single largest debt. The housing bubble showed everyone how easy it is to get a big house with a big mortgage and end up with a very big problem. We advise on getting the right-size home for your income and the right-size mortgage to fit your cash flow. We will also review your mortgage to see if refinancing might lower your monthly payment.