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1. Fee-only

We do not accept commissions or any outside compensation. Our clients pay us directly so we can exclusively focus on finding the best solutions for their needs. Being fee only means you get objective advice, not a sales pitch.


 2. Holistic

Your financial life is bigger than Wall Street so at Partnership Financial we look beyond stocks and bonds.

We offer guidance in:

  • Tax preparation
  • Tax planning
  • Risk Analysis
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Goal Assessment
  • Estate planning
  • Investment advising
  • Portfolio monitoring

We aim to be your ‘go-to guys’ anytime money matters affect your life. Because our services are wide-ranging, we can coordinate all financial aspects of your life so everything works together to support your goals.

3. Fiduciaries

We have always been fiduciaries at Partnership Financial. That means we have the legal responsibility to put your best interest ahead of everything else. Isn’t that what you want from an advisor?


At Partnership Financial we specialize in addressing all your financial needs. But we don’t simply answer each need, we make sure the answers synchronize to create a coordinated financial plan that meets all your personal goals.

Typically, people get muddled financial advice because they have several advisors but none of them consult each other. So your investment advisor doesn't know what your tax preparer has in mind, both of them are ignorant of your estate plan and the insurance agent is just trying to sell you another policy. In the end these advisors work at cross purposes because no one knows what the other is doing or why.

At Partnership Financial we do both your taxes and investments so one part of your plan does not undercut the other. We also make sure that your insurance is coordinated with your estate plan. And we make certain your home and mortgage (probably your largest single investment and debt) don’t drag everything else down.

When you work with Partnership Financial you know that all your finances are working together toward your goals.